artist nominated by Elise Atangana

Kokou Ferdinand Makouvia

1989 · Lomé, Togo

Ferdinand Makouvia’s sculptural practise lies at the crossroads between exploration of the potentialities of a wide array of different materials (rubber, copper, wood, plastic, iron, earth) and reinterpretation of vernacular forms reminiscent of Mina culture (Republic of Togo) where he grew up. The artist crafts all the materials used in his sculptures by hand. His work involves experimenting with various techniques (carpentry, metallurgy, terracotta) and re-using materials considered to be poor and undistinguished. His non-figurative works are not intended to be objects of social denunciation. Instead they question matter and form, in search of a harmonious and essential aesthetic, in interaction with the setting, while also expressing the strength of the raw material. Makouvia has lived in France since 2014, and in 2017 won the "ADAGP Visual Arts Revelation" award and also received the Prix Dauphine and the Salon de Montrouge prize.

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