artist nominated by CLIFF LAUSON

Imran Perretta

1988 · London, UK

Working across the moving image, sound, performance and poetry, Perretta’s work addresses biopower, marginality and the (de)construction of cultural histories. His work seeks to challenge the conception of the nation-state and its unilateral violence against those that are both marginalised within and stranded at its borders. Underpinning the work are questions of alterity and neo-colonialism, meditating on the process of identity forming in a post-9/11 era characterized by austerity, state-sponsored Islamophobia and the War on Terror. Recent exhibitions, performances and screenings include: AMRA, Assembly, Somerset House, London (2018); Selected 8, touring show in association with the Jarman Awards (2018); The Axial Line, PS120, Berlin (2018); 15 Days, Jerwood Space, London (2018). Imran Perretta lives and works in London.

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