artist nominated by CLÉMENTINE DELISS

Miranda Moss

1990 · Cape Town, South Africa

Miranda Moss is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Cape Town whose practice toys with the representation of nature as a pure and extra-cultural phenomenon. When not conducting research, she often employs a process that could be described as techno-alchemy by incorporating found objects, recycled technologies and ephemeral natural processes. In recent years her practice has made her collaborate with scientists, engineers, designers and mechatronic artists. Miranda Moss’ experiments try to capture ephemeral phenomena with a strong imaginative, personal and poetic note. In 2012 she completed her BFA from the Michaelis School of Art, University of Cape Town. Recent exhibitions include: The Timid Wilderness, for the Project “Les Voyages de Capitaine future”, Creative Europe Program of the European Union (Paris, Amsterdam, Namur, Lomé, 2018–19); The Land of Milk and Honey Fungus, ZHDK, Zurich (2017); If I’d realised paradise was a paddle pool I would’ve left my lifejacket at home, Open Dialog Box, Cape Town (2016), among many others.