artist nominated by Zhang Wei & Hu Fang


1988 · Guangzhou, China

Song Ta’s works are rooted in his observations of everyday life and social reality. His practice includes photography, video, installation, painting and performance, among other media. Song Ta is not concerned with the refinement of traditional aesthetics or expressions of visual beauty; rather, his work often seeks to provoke and antagonise the established boundaries between institutional and commercial definitions of art. Song Ta received his BFA from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 2010. His recent exhibitions include: Song Ta: How is the Weather?, Practice, New York (2016); Song Ta: The Loveliest Guy, Beijing Commune, Beijing (2014); Songs for Sabotage, New Museum Triennial, New York (2018); New Metallurgists, Julia Stoschek Collection, Düsseldorf (2018); The Time is Out of Joint, Asian Culture Complex and Sharjah Art Foundation Art Spaces, Seoul and Sharjah (2016). Song Ta currently lives and works in Guangzhou.

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