artist nominated by CLAIRE TANCONS

Zarina Muhammad

1982 · Singapore

Zarina Muhammad’s practice is deeply entwined with a critical re-examination of oral histories, ethnographic literature and other historiographical accounts about Southeast Asia. Working at the intersections of performance, installation, text, ritual, moving image and scent, she is interested in the broader contexts of myth-making, ritual magic, shapeshifting gender-based archetypes. For the last decade she has been working on a multidisciplinary project on Southeast Asia’s provisional relationship to the occult, magic, mysticism and the immaterial against the dynamics of global modernity. Recent exhibitions include The President’s Young Talents 2018, Singapore Art Museum and Stories We Tell to Scare Ourselves With, MOCA Taipei. She has presented incarnations of her performance-lectures at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Singapore; NTU Centre of Contemporary Art, Singapore; Objectifs – Centre for Photography and Film, Singapore; Indonesia Contemporary Art Network, Yogyakarta; and, most recently, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei.

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